Segway Vs Roboscooters Lawsuit

This is about Segway VS Roboscooters and an International Trade Commission Suit

If you Know anything about a Segway or are Considering Purchasing a segway for sale then Please Do Not Miss this

I will put pics through this post so it’s not so Bland and to show some of the stuff we offer at roboscooters

Robo PT S 1000 Fully Balancing Transporter ( Balances Forward, Backward, Left and Right )

Personal Transportation of the Future is Here

Personal Transportation of the Future is Here

Works like Segways do off of Balance and Gyroscopes, but now without the Steering Shaft.  It’s like an Electric Skateboard but can easily be used for personal transportation.  Think Segway will accuse these folks of steeling to?  Read more about it by the link below.


Segway VS RoBoscooters, and a few other Distributors and Several Manufacturers.

This may upset segway a little bit but I am going to tell it how it is. Segway is trying to stop several manufacturers and Distributors from bringing into the usa some of the most wonderfully designed and time saving personal transporters to ever come out.  I ( millard jacobs ) have also been interviewed by several online Newspapers including bloomberg paper as I was one of the Distributors mentioned in a Segway Law Suit. Read the article here >>>  Segway vs Roboscooters  <<<, and then do not miss what I have to say about them below. ( There are more articles on the internet if you look, yahoo news, law 360 and a few more )

The Z1-d is Not Made by Segway

buy a segway

Segway Style without the Price

The z1-d is not a segway for sale and cost half the price of an expensive segway.  See the link Below for more information


Segway VS Roboscooters

I have contained my voice an opinion until now in worry of what Segway might think. Well that time has ended for me personally, as I have come to understand it doesn’t matter what segway thinks as you are about to find out. They are accusing people of steeling ideas they never thought of and are seemingly jealous and want to either stop progress or get in on the deal  themselves.

I will put pictures and small descriptions and a link to some of our segway style transporters,  if for no other reason than to give you something pretty and interesting to look at while you read what I have to say about segway.

Shame on you Segway, Shame, Shame, Shame!!! If you ever heard of a segway before I wouldn’t miss what I am about to reveal to you about them for nothing in the world and if your the Segway Man reading this or a die hard segway fan, then you should pay special attention to every detail.

Segway and Kamen’s Deka Products LP are now suing its  Competitiors and even Distributors and accusing them of patent infringment. ( Basically they are accusing a few manufactures and even Distributors of Steeling, and even shoved on the Bus )… did Roboscooters infringe on anything much less a patent, in and itself by itself?, We don’t Design, Didn’t Design, Manufacturer, or even keep stock of our transporters, we are a dot com who promotes Different Transporter …”I do have a good Idea for a True Personal Transporter if your smart enough to listen to me, if your reading this Deka Labs or anyone else who wants to be Very Wealthy, if someone doesn’t do my idea the chinese eventually will as you already know,  and it was way before this new skateboard transporter came out we now offer….. I’ll even help you design it,  it’s on youtube, I’m sure your smart enough to find it and me on there with me Beside a Yellow and Red Snow Cone Van.   ( Yes I Personally Designed the van myslef ) I am on a  Robin m1  talking about and explaining the new transporter Idea. ( youtube channel “millardjacobs1” ), I Have many more Ideas I’m sure the guys at Deka Lab haven’t even began to think about or contemplate…..Yea, I ‘d bet on it, I’m the guy that can step back and see the problem from a different way,  book nerds look to close sometime and they look right over the solution, but thats just my opinion. 

If Segway wins the case, the government could block the competing products made overseas from the U.S. market. ( Segway is trying to stop creativity and ingenuity ) I  ( Millard Jacobs ) personally feel sorry for segway if they feel this way), Honestly I do, as much money as they have they are actually concerned with loosing money and going to the level of accusations of theivery…which I think is just sad, it sounds like someone up there is not happy inside and it shows through in the form of jealousy, and I wish I could do something to make them feel better,  I really do, so do not take what I am saying personally Mr. Segway folks, or as an attack, you are the one accusing of steeling and were just setting the record straight.

You should consider it as it is… what if you actually got your way?  Would you feel good about yourself after I am about to tell you what I am going to tell you below about several people we have helped.  If you can feel good about yourself after what you read below, thats between you and you,  whoever you are. But if theres that thing inside that feels like somethings wrong a little bit….It’s because your doing something you shouldn’t and remember until theres a cure for death, we all die with what we have done and have to live with ourselves. You will understand when you have read the entire post.

Segway is actually trying to stop manufacturers and distributors of our segway style transporters and even the smaller ones that weigh only 35 and 40 lbs from even being shipped into the usa. I millard owner of Roboscooters was mentioned in the Complaint Issued September 9th, 2014 ( We have the complaint on file if you’d care to see it, just send us an email )

 Robin M2 Personal Transporter ( Segway  wishes it were theirs )

red personal transporter

Red Robin M2

The robin m2 is only 40 lbs and has to many features and options to list here, visit the link below for more information and details on this life giving personal electric transporter segway is trying to keep out of the usa.


Segway VS Roboscooters Continued

In my opinion it can only be one of two things, either segway is serious and are actually mad because they didn’t think of these type of personal transporters themselves and the all powerful guy who owns segway is is afraid he will loose a few million dollars, or he’s afraid someone is going to take his manchion away on the hill and is now stooping to the level of saying that the chinese and me are trying to take away american jobs…..That’s just nuts… First I’m an American, born and raised in the south and I make a living with roboscooters and roboscooters is located right here in the heart of the south in NC, doesn’t get any more american than that.

I mean come on think about it everything just about is made in china these days anyway, we can admit it, we all know, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the actual components ( maybe some of the tiny little pieces or maybe some of the steel who knows ) that are in a segway and are from a chineese manufacturer somewhere, they just put it all together over here in the usa.

Segway is actually trying to stop growth and stop the public over here from a good thing.  It’s no ones fault but their own that they didn’t come up with something as Creative an Innovative and kept overcharging.  ( last time I checked all cars had steering wheels and seats and doors….is that patent infringement from one vehicle manufacturer to another? ) I don’t think so, and besides All of the Segway Style Transporters we offer have their own unique patents design… Think I’m joking take a look as some of them on and throughout this message and see for yourself what we offer, and see if segway offers anything near as good as we do for the money, this is not just a sales ploy, we want the public to know, it’s segway who doesn’t want them to catch on and are trying every thing they can think of including accusations of  calling The Distributors and Manufacturers thieves and even stooping to the level of saying they are threatening American Jobs.

Some will not like me for this and some will, I really don’t care, I tell it like it is. If segway does manage to stop us, not only will it put lots of people over here out of jobs including me, ( I’ll think of something ) It will hender people we cater to who cannot handle a 140 lb segway or afford a high priced segway for sale….. Segway simply does not have a 35 or 40 lbs transporter and it’s high time they stopped over charging rediculous prices for their transporters, the average person is not gonna spend over $6000 on a segway for sale when they can get almost a new car for what a segway cost these days. ( Why you think they never made it main stream?  I think it’s Because they cost to much, and this is not just my opinion,  I hear it everyday from customers who call and confirm, so this is a well known fact that the public thinks segways are too expensive )

Ninebot not Made by Segway

better than a segway for sale

NInebot is on Only 51.8 lbs

The Ninbot is only 51.8 lbs


 Segway Conversation Continued

If segway had come out with the smaller transporters, can you imagine the price they would of charged?….I hate to even speculate what rediculous price they would of put on them. They are not concerned about the public, they are concerned about numbers and how high they can get them at any expense.

Segway will be hurting not only jobs and future jobs, as everywhere we go people still in general are very surprised to see me riding around on a robin and are always asking is it a segway, and I am to the point now where I say no, it’s definately not a segway, segway wishes they had come up with this. Segway has been over charging 3 -4 times the value of segways and getting filthy rich off of the elite few who can afford the outrageous prices over the last few years. I mean come on read this article where they actually admit how good our transporters are and then they complain….. Does that sound to you like they are overcharging and trying to justify it by saying they are steeling our Idea…which is nuts, didn’t nobody steal anything from anyone.

It didn’t look like segway was doing anything and still doesn’t. ( Except accuse and complain ) They are stagnate and refuse to come up with something cheap economical and practical and are angry because someone else did and exposed them as the rip off artists that they are.

We have sold to Charities who have Donated them to people with dwarfism and Disabilities and myself personally have met with many people including the sweetest little girl you could ever meet.  Her mom drove from I believe Florida for me to demo a Robin for her daughter and see if she could ride it. Her daughter has a bone disease an it hurts her when she has to walk long distances….So This Precious Fragile little girl tries the robin and I guide her around nice and gently coaching her on how to operate it, … and within a few minutes she was zipping around the parking lot and smiling, Can you imagine how good that made me feel?

Her daughter obviously needed it and wanted it,  but her mom I don’t think really had the money.  I felt aweful when they left, it was the only demo I had and could not afford to buy her a new one.  They left but she stayed on my mind because I would of given it to her at the time could I of afforded it.  Her mom called a few days later to tell me she was trying to get her insurance company to pay for it.  The insurance company called me and I told them who I was and what the device was and how the little girl really needed it. Needles to say they did not pay for it.  I wish I could remember the little girls name. Her mom was able to come up with the money to get her one some type of way. And as far as I know right now she is using it in school to get around.

We have sold many of our smaller transporters to many people who cannot walk long distances but have no problem standing and moving and a 140 lb transporter just would not work for them. Many motor home travelers purchase the smaller ones from us and meet us from time to time in our small town to demo them before they make a purchase. It gives them the freedom to enjoy the parks with their significant other or to just get around and socialize whereas before their activity was limited due to either some medical issue or they simply get tired to quick to go out and enjoy the weather and scenery.

I could go on and on about the people I’ve met with and sold them to people who have called me back up and some even thanked me for giving them back there legs. That makes me feel good inside knowing I helped someone and they really appreciate it. So I don’t get segway and why they would want to take that away from people…… The only thing I can honestly think of is Greed and Selfishness, and it really gets under my skin, so I’m telling it the way I see it. I guarantee the owner of segway sleeps in a Dream manchion and has everything he ever wanted and now it seems as though he’s worried someone is gonna take a little of his profit away, as if he or they would really would miss it anyway. I’m sure he rides around in luxury and has all the ammenities life can offer.

If segway wants to do something then do something besides complain and accuse people of stealing their patents. Our transporters have their own patents and I have seen them myself on the internet in a chat room where I made allot of segway die hard fans mad a couple of years ago… They didn’t want to hear about the robin or where it came from…..called it a cheap chines knock off segway, anyway I ended up being banned by the moderator, I guess he didnt like the truth or me or my views or whatever it was.

Robo OB-2 Not affiliated with segway in any way

segway for sale style scooter pic

Robo OB-2 Personal Transporter

The Robo OB-1 and OB-2 have some very interesting features that segway does not including indestructible fenders, a built charger,  5 function headlamp and a remote to set the top speed from 1 to 12 mph.


Segway Conversation Continued

Like I said segway wishes they had some of our transporters in their market….. The Man on the hill in the mansion could of probably bought him a few islands to go along with his private jet I’m sure he rides around in, as I am positive he would of charged double what you are paying now.

Someone let him read this to, I’m not afraid of him, I am helping raise and have raised 9 kids. ( 3 of which are mine and my wifes together, the others are from her Previous Marriage ) Me and my wife have supported them for over 6 months off of roboscooters and supported me and my wife and our 3 children for the past 3 years soley off of roboscooters ( Me and Barbara have been together almost 5 years for whos concerned ) anyway, sometimes sales were good and sometimes sales were bad… just like they are now… up and down…kinda slow right now though, with the cold weather, so there is no way he can threaten me in any way.  I am positive no matter how much negative energy he wants to put out, he’s only asking for it back as you get back what you put out.  Remember the old Reap what you sow bit?

Ok so your curious about all these kids..The other 6 kids came in when their dad suddenly passed away of Cancer about a month before school started this year 2014. ( Until then he and Barbara shared custody but the kids went to school in the home town, they stayed with their dad and visited  me and mom every weekend.)

So when their father passed away we had to do what we had to do and move them in, unfortunately 11 people in a 3 bedroom home was very stressful and just not enough room for any privacy for any of us.  So me and my wife Barbara had a heart to heart talk and agreed she should Temporarily move back into the House several towns away that the kids inherited ( which is kinda run down but does have 4 bedroms ) until we can afford a house big enough for all of us,  as 11 people and 3 bedrooms is just not enough room.  No worries we see each other every weekend and talk everyday,  we have a great relationship we just need something bigger and cannot afford it at the moment. ( We cannot rent the inherited house by will and it would be too much work to fix it anyway )  ( My wife has had 11 total kids so everybody knows, her oldest daughter is I believe 21 and her son 22  and she’s had one to die of crib death 20 years ago )

( Our plans involve several stores, one local and one at the beach if we can get the funding, we will keep certain stock and have other models for demo’s…..A showroom if you will with select stock ).  We went to and undisclosed beach in SC on Vacation Recently with the robin and all we got were, What is it?, Is that a segway?,   Who makes it?,   Can I rent one?,  Can  I try it?,  It was like going back in time to the 1800’s with an Iphone, lol.  Even had several people try to buy the Demo we were riding around.

People were simply amazingly interested in the robin and wanted one.  I did pass out a lot of cards but they were all asked for, I never approached a soul,   We were there on Vacation, not on business, but I was smart enough to bring along a Few Business Cards as I had a gut feeling people were gonna know about it.

With people seeing the little transporter and how we could get around really quick with it wanted to know where they could get one or rent one at.  I of course had to explain who I was many times and what the robin was as I was riding around with my family. ( Most of the time one of the kids were on it anyways, but I still got the questions )  So I thought,  well why not rent them down there and sell them at the same time?  Seems pretty logical to me, considering the number of peoples attention we got not even trying. People  were thinking how nice it would be to get from their motel to the good stuff and not have to walk. ( No cop ever questioned me as far as was I legal,  a few police wanted to know where to get them and liked it, lol. )

I actually inquired about segway in the beginning 3 years ago, then got some information from a segway rental dealership out in CA who were renting segways doing tours, they but wanted to get in on the robins we had available but didn’t really know who to trust in China, ( Segway Santa Cruiz in CA I believe )  we  ( I  and Barbara )  were the first to get the whole trust thing going….. so they bought some robins and found an insurance company to insure kids down to I believe 8 years old to ride the robins, which opened up a whole new revenue stream for them, as there law is a bit higher in CA to legally ride the segways, I’m not quite sure the age limit but it’s above 13 I think to ride segways.  Not only did it help them make money, it helped and is still helping more families with younger children to ride along side of them on the tours.

Anyway the company sent us a video presentation on how to get in on segways…… $80,000.00 Investment!!! Yea, thats what I said. Thats rediculous to just get in. So as you can see we didn’t go that route.

 White Z1-d Below, may be some of the reason segway is upset

in segways dreams

Z1-D Personal Transporter

The Segway Style z1-d looks really good at the Beach.  We have literally sold dozens of these transporters without complaints all throughout the usa and world. Contact us and we will tell you all about them, the good and the bad.


Segway Continued

Segway is trying to hurt allot of people and should be outright ashamed, I wonder what his attorney fees were!!… Probably pretty high, and why would someone go thourough all this trouble and spend that kind of money on a law firm to take this thing to the International trade commission to prevent them from coming into the usa,… I’ll tell you why… A few hundered thousand dollars means nothing to this man or these people, they have made such a killing overcharging at least 3 to 4 times what segways are worth since they first came out that they can afford the high priced attorneys
Segway, Deka and the man who started this whole nonsense already has more money than he or they will ever need or spend  ( And least not forget their angle…….” they are threatning American jobs role and steeling our stuff ) It’s you Mr. Segway boss man and your over hyped team who are threatning jobs, creativeness and injenuity….. Don’t  get mad, get even… Come up with something and stop complaining because someone came up with something better than you did, that’s just childish.  I told you I have an Idea,  call me up and we can talk about it,  I’m sure I’m as smart or smarter than anyone in your Lab up there, I’m not mad, I will help you  Design and Engineer My Ideas or any Ideas me and your lab can come up with, then and you can make Millions of dollars doing something good for the public and offering a decent price for it.  I’d  rather sell 1000 widgets at $2 than 2 or 3 widgest at $50,… You get the Idea Now? ( You help people and you can have everything you ever wanted, there is plenty out here left to get for everybody who isn’t afraid of change )

Just because you have millions of dollars does not give you the right to act like a child, which is exactly what you are doing Segway wth a Rediculous Law Suit.  Remember I was with Many kids for many months, and you sir sound just like them…. wining about they took my stuff. I hope you realise what you sound like an I hope the readers of this will post this all over the place so he sees it and gets the message and so others can know as well.

Who am I?, O I’m the guy you mentioned in your little suit who doesn’t even keep stock….you know “Millard Jacobs, Owner of Roboscooters….. There are far more bigger fish over here importing the transporters in by the containter that werent mentioned, why is that? Because you don’t know about them? Did your expensive law firm research the companies before they put them in your little list? ( I have the complaint on file for anybody who wants to see it, just shoot me an email )

Robo PT- S-1000 ( Not even in Segways Dreams )

segway cost

Many colors to choose from

Works off of Balance to go Forward, Backward, Left and Right.  First every of it’s kind.  We are sure there will be others who may come out with similar devices in the future now that the technology is available, ( Is segway gonna say this is their Idea to?  And this is Thievery? )


 Message to Segway Continued

This message is entirely my responsibility ( Millard Jacobs ) and has nothing to do with the manufacturers views or ideas, I’m sure they would not word things they way they really are, as I have. If anyone at segway or deka labs wants to be mad, let them be mad at me personally, I have nothing to loose, a few of those $6500 segways would buy everything I have, so if he or they want to sue me, then let them … he won’t get much, but he will put a father with allot of responsibility out of business temporarily.

 I’m hoping some Really Good Lawyer Socks it to Segway if it goes that far and these Honest Manufacturers who are being accused of steeling actually  loose and segway gets their selfish way and really stops some of our personal transporters from coming into the usa….. Segway is Accusing people of Bogus crap, someone needs to turn the cheek on segway an sue segway ( sue them for slander is what I think if nothing else! )…… I mean come on they put a dot com ( roboscooters ) who doesn’t keep stock, design, manufacturer or make anything, and owns no patents in a patent Infringement suit….so how in the world did  violate any patent infringements?  What patent did we violate?, we haven’t designed a thing much less own any patents….. that in itself is dissmisal for lack of evidence, it’s lack of evidence because it just doesn’t exist. …. ( Any takers on taking on Segway if  they don’t won’t to wise up and stop this crap? )

Segways Lawsuit against Roboscooters is  just a bunch of nonsense segway made up and it should be against the law!….maybe it is, I don’t know,…. it is a flat out right lie we know that much, does not own any patents and hasn’t designed anything, no other way to put it, we didn’t and don’t make a thing at roboscooters or even keep stock,,,,, we were mentioned because segway said we violated their patents which we have provable evidence this is just a fabricated lie and nonsense,  we can prove they made it up at least on roboscooters,….we can prove it because we do not own any patents or haven’t designed anything ( anybody please feel free to check to see if we own any patents )…….Anybody else agree with me and think I didn’t violate any patents? I’m accused of something that I never had or have.  Please Feel Free to Send me any emails if you’d like to speak with me further about this (  ), and for the record anybody whos ever called and and asked if  we sell segways, we Immidately tell them no, we sell segway alternatives that work just as good if not better for half to a third of the cost of a segway for sale, which I’m Delighted to say is the Truth, call and see for yourself.

I have a 7 year old whos with me full time and me and my wife split the 4 year old little girl and 2 year old little boy and run Roboscooters full time. ( Call the 1-800 number and see who answers, it’s only me….one little guy who became good friends with some really good chinese people )  I am where I am because I refuse to let other people or things stand in my way. I have a mulimillion dollar company mentioning me in a legal trade suit and I dont even keep stock. I keep a few demos and do demo sessions with them but thats about it. Since my arrival on the scene I do have several friends over here who do keep stock for some of the personal transporters we offer now, but they wouldnt be doing it if I hadn’t introduced them to the manufacturers to begin with.

So again, Shame Shame Shame on you Segway, you should grow up and stop acting like a kid whos about to loose his candy or like someone who is trying to take your toy away. There is plenty of candy out here and many more toys yet to be realized,… get creative yourself with your fancy lab and come up with something if you want and stop wining when someone does something you wishes you had done or say why didnt I think of that. ( You didn’t so get over it and stop telling people someone stole your stuff )

If Noting else try a Licensing Deal, I’m sure they would work with you, there could be set market price and you can get you some of the pie if you like, but in all fairness you should not attempt to stop progress or fabricate nonsense or show prejudice twordge someone who came up with a better Idea than you currently have, that helps people in a way your company never has or cared to, and god forbid if you had come up with it, no one would of been able to afford it except the kind of people you run in circles with.  So why not look in the Mirror and make a change in yourself, tell yourself your going to help people and embrace change and innovation, then you can have 20 mansions if you want, simply by helping people.  

The Robin m2 is only 40lbs and Honestly Really Helps allot of People

not a segway

Robin m2 Personal Transporter

The Robin m2 is actually one of the best machines you could ever wish for.  It’s small, practical, and can take a lick and keep on ticking.   We tell everybody who sees them over here we compare them to a Honda Generator….They just do not give problems or have issues.  This is another little transporter we have sold all over the world without hardly any issues. ( Sure when you crash them an break them we can fix them, but it’s really hard to tear them up ) 


Segway VS Roboscooters Conclusion

An with that I will end. I will retract my seemingly negative statements when segway drops this nonsense and catches up with the 21 century and stops bitching, complaining and trying to sue someone over something as rediculous as this.

I ( Millard Jacobs, writer of this post ) consider myself good people who treat people fairly and am very honest and upfront with people. People call me all the time with concerns and questions and I actually talk more people out of orderding than order because some of the smaller ones are not for everybody, it just depends on the individual and their circumstances and I think I come off as very honest because I am, I tell it like it is and sometimes it isn’t what folks want to hear, but at least they appreciate the honesty.

I am a very easy going, layed back, and a mild mannerd country boy who found a good niche and saw an opportunity almost 3 years ago to promote something know one had ever seen or heard of over here in the usa, so despite how this letter may make me sound you will find if you call you will not find a better person who will be as honest and understanding and caring of your needs and concerns.

mini segway style

Ninebot Personal Transporter

The ninebot is one of our best sellers for Customers usually in the age range of 40 to 65, as it is not quite as sensative as some of our smaller units, and the step up to the platform is about 2 inches lower.  So our older generation who may have issues walking long distance but can walk ok, prefer this transporter usually.


Roboscooters last thoughts

Since our debu 3 years ago I have become very good friends with some very influential people in the usa as well as with some of the chinese, and have companies all the time wanting me to promote their merchandice. I am very particular about what I promote and who I trust. I go through a very through system before I promote anything. People depend on my good judgement not to get ripped off and I always consult with my trusted suppliers when thinking about dealing with another manufacturers.

So you can feel very confident when you place an order with us, that you will get your personal transporter,  After all if you read the news articles, I have never been accused of not delivering in 3 years. People ask where are my reviews. I don’t ask people to review for us, but I do have very influential friends over here in the usa who can vouch for me and my business, ….which now includes Segway.

I have never mixed business with my personal life and asked my friends for anything or told them of my Situation as I have here,   I like to earn my own way,  doing things others dare not to even dream about,  while thinking out of the box and a way to get it done,… the only reason I let it out above is so those the Big Bad guys with their fancy lawyers should learn not to mess with Honest people,  especially people who are inventive, creative and may possibly do something one day that will help change the entire world.

We here at roboscooters always deliver our goods as promosed. I believe in Karma and what you put out there is what you get back and if thats so Segway better back off because they are putting out allot of bad ju ju and it may come back to haunt them.

We have many more styles and types of personal electric transporters on our site


2 thoughts on “Segway Vs Roboscooters Lawsuit

  1. Great article and Segway is running scared lashing out like a dying fish on land lol they have out[riced themselves especially in Australia have had no upgrades or real improvements in the last 5 years and has been sold as a company 3 times in the last 6 years for a reason !!!
    They are close to 12K here in Australia and their great claim to fame of Made in America is all Bullshit !!
    The end of days for Segway is near over priced for way too long and even as a distributer (and i was once one) cannot even fully service own machines..!?!?

    • Thank you so much for those great comments, even we did not know segway ownership had been through so many hands in such short time frame, so yea it sounds like they are pulling out all last ditch efforts, ( feels like it personally to us ) especially since they are harassing a small time business like who tries to help people and are genuinely concerned about peoples welfare, like you said segway obviously isn’t or they would of at least attempted to come up with something new and or lower the prices.

      Fast Fact: Did you know the owner of roboscooters only got into the business originally because his brother has cerebral pausie?….. yes, the plot thickens…… Segway has jumped on a small business owner ( me, millard jacobs ) who supports 9 kids and a wife, and helps his mother when he can and does what he can for his brother with cerebral pausie….so yea, segway should of did a little more research before they discriminated our site and accused us of patent violation….. or did they do their homework and figured they could win a case against a fledgling company like I mean after all, no other .com’s were mentioned that were selling them before we came along and are still, an some of them are 1000 times larger than our small operation….. Yes I ( millard jacobs ) am my own attorney dealing with Segway Attorneys…. we/I am/are just not big enough to afford the high price of a Washing DC Patent Lawyer ( can you say $10,000.00 – $20,000.00 retainer )

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