Segway Alternatives

Our Job is to Simply show you there are Segway alternatives available that work just as good as segways, and offer you the option to have a choice between a  real segway and a segway alternative.

The Segway Price  is high and if your willing to pay for it, that’s ok,  We are happy for you and wish you all the luck in the world in your ventures.   But if you want an option and would rather use the extra money you can save to either buy another one for your loved one or friend ( to ride with ) or spend the money on something else you really want, then we have just what your looking for.   

All of our Personal Transporters come with at least a full one year warranty.  We understand personal transporters and can usually answer any questions or concerns you may have about them.   Our transporters are not meant to replace segways for sale.  Our personal electric scooters are meant as a good alternative to the price or cost of the more expensive Segway prices.

The price and cost of a Segway can reach into many thousands of dollars.  Our Electric transporters work in the same manner as the more expensive segways for sale and come with a price tag of a third to half the price of a Segway.

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