What are Segways and Personal electric Transporters and Buying an Electric Stand on Scooter



Please note that if you are a Die hard Segway fan/fanatic who insists that they should have to pay umpteen thousand dollars for a Segway then you have found the wrong place.  If you are open to the notion of maybe saving a few thousand dollars on your personal transportation needs then you have arrived at the right spot. We offer Segway alternatives that resemble the segways that are for sale but are not affiliated with the Segway brand in any way.

If your Still interested in Buying a Segway we have another site you may be Interested in Directly Below


We have the newest and most state of the art personal electric transporters that are available on the market today.   We work directly with a few select and trusted manufacturers to bring you the most  reasonable prices on your personal transportation needs.

We are Authorized by Most of the Manufacturers we represent to negotiate Wholesale on their behalf and give you the same wholesale prices that you might find somewhere else.  All of our Transporter prices are Sample prices, and not Wholesale prices.  If you are interested in reselling any of the personal transporters we offer,  you will not find a better deal, and if you find a better deal by some chance we will match it or beat it.

Would you rather order a personal transporter from someone you can trust in the usa who will make sure you get your electric transporter, Someone who you can call or email anytime you want and actually get a real live English speaking person?,  or take a chance and work with someone in another country who couldn’t even understand you if you did manage to get in contact with them.

You are welcome to call our office at www.Roboscooters.com ( you are encouraged to call ) and speak to a live person who will understand your wants and needs and who’s sole purpose is to get you the best deal and offer you the best customer service you can find.   When you call you will be surprised how special and individual we treat our customers ( not some pushy salesman who’s after your money, and wants you to order, order, order ).

We want you to be comfortable with us and our Company before you order, as we firmly believe all our customers are our best customers.  We like it when customers call and talk to us, it gives us a chance to get to know them and find out what it is exactly they are looking for.  We want what our customers want,  as a happy customer is a repeat customer in our mind.

( Not made by Segway )

 ((( Looking for Wholesalers for all Countries )))

Above we have the s1 sike.  The s1 sike is an all new stand on personal electric transporter.  The s1 sike is an all new concept electric scooter and can be found at www.Roboscooters.com for sale.   The s1 sike will go up to 24 miles on a full charge and has a top speed of around 12 mph and will hold an adult up to at lest 22o lbs according to the mfg weight limit.   The s1 sike electric scooter only weighs 26.5 lbs so you can easily take them anywhere you want as they are very convienent and portable.

The s1 sike as well as the robin m1 personal transporter  listed below are electric stand on personal transporters that promote one to get out and enjoy the outdoors more.  Once you have been on a robin or a s1 sike you will soon find that that you are getting out more and enjoying life.  If you would like to see some videos of the s1 sike cruising around then click on the pics and it will take you to either the blog or our mains site where we have videos as well as more information.

We are authorized by the manufacturer to negotiate on their behalf, so rest assured you will get the best price and wholesale prices available anywhere when you place your order or orders with us.   Samples can be purchased from or our main website or the blog for the s1sike or any of the personal transportation scooters we offer. 

If you are legitimately looking to get into the personal transportation industry and are looking for genuine suppliers, then that’s exactly what we have come to associate ourselves with, and have become quite the favorite in some of their eyes.  So rest Assured if you can find a legitimately better deal than we offer on any of our personal transporters that we represent, we can guarantee we can beat or match their price or prices.




( Not Made by Segway )

Robin M1 Robstep

The Pink Robin m1 Robstep is a Special Order Robin

( Not Made by Segway )

Introducing the robin m1 Robstep Personal Electric mini Segway Style Personal Electric Stand on Scooter.   The robin m1 robstep is the worlds lightest personal electric transporter.  The robin m1 weighs only 40 lbs and will easily fit into any small car trunk.

The robin m1 will travel between 12 and 20 miles on a complete charge and will reach a top speed of about 10 mph before the safety system on the robin m1 will gently slow you down to keep from over speeding.  The robin has a built in safety systems that prevents you from going to fast either forward or backward.

The robin is powered by the most state of the art lithion Ion batteries available today and comes with a no hassle one year warranty.  The robins are so dependable and durable that if something happens to them while under warranty the factory usually pays shipping both ways if the problem cannot be easily fixed and it was not malicious.

The robins simply do not tear up that easily.  Not only do we offer the robins to the public, we also have robins and demonstrate them every week to people who have never herd of them due to a lack of press.   So we know what the robin will and won’t do and wish to educate the public on a personal transporter that they might not of otherwise knew existed.

To learn more about the robin m1 and see some really cool videos of the robin in action.  Visit any of the links in this site.






Information about Segways and Personal Electric Transporters

First, what are segways?  Segways are stand on stand up electric personal transporters that have sophisticated computer contolled gyroscopes that sense your balance and keep you upright on two wheels. The Segway was unveiled by Dean Kamen back in 2003 to the public and has since sparked a whole new revolution of personal transportation to be born. We’ll go into that more later.

Segways have had their drawbacks through the years including two recalls.  In one of the dangerous incidents the segway would suddenly stop if the battery got depleted. ( An admitted glitch in the software )  The other recall and incident had to do with the segway suddently changing from forward to backward while moving forward. Both cases were delt with swiftly by the segway corporation including free shipping of the units to and from to be repaired if needed be.

Keep in mind before you purchase any type of personal electric transporter including a new or used segway you should be aware that they do have a learning curve. Balancing Scooters are not for everybody, as they will require you to be able to step up without any help.

The term mobility scooter is the wrong term used for Any personal transporter that works off of balance.  A Mobility scooter is usually a scooter that is used by someone who has a hard time getting around, standing or walking.   A Stand on Transportation device that you must stand up on and keep your balance requires someone who has the ability to get around on their own without help.  A segway or any electric stand on scooter should only be bought or used if you are not disabled and have to the ability to get around on your own without help.

An electric scooter transporter therefore SHOULD be used as an alternative to walking if you have trouble walking long distances but are able to stand up and balance and get around pretty good. Here’s a good way to see if a stand on personal transportation device is right for you or not.  If you need help getting up steps and or it is difficult for you, then a segway or any stand on scooter that requires you to balance is no good for you as you will find it very difficult to step up on the platform.

If you have no problem stepping up steps and have no knee, hip or joint injurys that do not hinder you to the point that you have to have a helping hand up steps or stairs then a peronal transporter that uses your balance in conjunction with sophisticated computer controlled gyroscopes will work for you.


Z1- D Personal Electric Transporter

Above we have the Upgraded version of our Z1 Personal Transporter.  The Z1 Personal Transporter sold so well that the manufacturer decided to update the z1 and offer a few unique features. The Z1-D still has the 2 – 1000 watt motors but now has some very unique and interesting features.

personal electric transporter

Adjustable Height

The Z1-D Segway Style personal transporter now has an adjustable height (  The Other z1 did not ) as well as a Towing function and a 3 speed remote controllerThe Z1-D is also made out of a lighter weight material for faster acceleration.

Z1-D Remote Control

Z1-D Remote Control

If you are interested in learning more about the Z1-D Personal Electric Transporter or for ordering information visit: 






Before you Buy a Used Segway for sale or any Used Personal Transporter

Now lets get down to why you are here. You are here because you are either interested in a segway or some type of personal electric stand on scooter.  You either want a new segway, used segway, or some type of  personal transporter alternative, and you’d like to get a good deal on the price and cost of one. We will do our best to educate you and help you in your quest for a personal transportation device.

So How to buy a used segway for sale. If you are interested in Used Segway Personal Transporters,  First, there is no such thing as a cheap segway for sale.  And I wouldn’t buy a used segway for either. ( more on that later ) So if your planning on buying a new or used segway, We would just like to educate you on a few things to consider before you purchase any personal transporter including a segway for sale.

Are you looking for Used Segway Personal Transporters? Cheap used segways are hard to find because people who buy segways pay a pretty penny for them, and if and when they do decide to trade, upgrade or simply get rid of it, they are not going to simply give it away for a third of what they paid for it.  The segway has become the premier product in stand on personal transporters and it is very hard to find a cheap segway for sale anywhere. However ther are some alternatives available on the market today they you may or may not be interested in or aware of.

The segway brand has sparked a whole new breed of personal transporters to be born in the last few years. There are now a number of alternative personal transportation scooters that are now available for sale on the market, including some with a seat that you actually move forward or backward according to your weight distribution.

Before you go an put your hard earned money down on any personal transporter please make sure you test it out first, especially if it is not new and has no warranty.  If you buy a used segway for sale off the internet you are taking a big chance on your purchase.  Just because the transporter looks good doesn’t mean it won’t need an expensive battery, motherboard or some other fancy part in a few weeks or a month or so. Guess who has to pay that bill if they want their newly aquired used transporter fixed? Yep! You do!  Please take our advice and listen, if you buy a used segway for sale cheap or are planning on buying one, at least try it out first.

If you are in the market for a new transporter of some sort then you are covered or you should be covered by at least a one year warranty on most electric stand on scooters.  If they do not offer a warranty…. run!  All reputable companies offer at least a one year warranty on new electric transporters, and if you find someone who doesn’t then your entire purchase you are thinking about is in danger as it is most likely a scam.  A good rule of thumb is this,  Contact the supplier, if it takes them more than 12 -24 hrs to answer then you are better off not dealing with them, because if you have problems down the line it will most likely be very difficult to get in touch with them.  Look at it this way, you asked a question about purchasing and it took them 2 – 3 days to answer, do you think they will get in a hurry to help you if you have issues to come up?  Most likely not.

So before you have any dealings with any company get to know them, talk to them, ask them quesitons.  If they do not have knowledgable information about their product then I would suggest you not deal with them. If it takes more than 24 hrs, I wouldn’t bother wasting my time because you are asking for trouble down the line if you make a purchase from them. ( Do you realise how difficult it is to get scam charge off your credit card? )

Information about ordering from Overseas

Before we leave you we would just like to offer a little advice on shipments from overseas.  What some of the companies from overseas do not tell you is that if the amount of the transporter you ordered is over a certain amount you will be required to fill out several forms including a Dot form and CBP Form from customs before the transporter will even be allowed into the usa.

If you are lucky enough the shipper who is shipping the product, ( weather it’s dhl, fedex or whoever ) will or should call you and tell you whats going on, but most of the time you will not be as lucky because you will of either missed their call or didn’t give your number to the company you ordered from.  It’s always a good idea to give your number to the shipping company for cases like this as well as pre delivery confirmations. If you didn’t supply your number and you see a hold up with your tracking number saying something to the effect of needing informtion from the importer,

You are the importer, so you will have to call them and fill out the forms that we mentioned above.  If you are really lucky and get a helpful person at the shipping facility that is shipping they will tell you what to fill out on the form, if they do not, then you are in for more irritation by trying to find someone to help you fill out the forms properly.

Best advice, is to order from someone who does it all the time and can handle ordering smoothly wihtout you ever having to worry about it or be aware of it.   Goes back to what was spoke of earlier.  Get to know the company you are dealing with before you give them your money.  Call them, email them, comminicate until you are comfortable before you purchase anything.

We do not have any mini segways for sale cheap, but we do have a mini Segway style personal transporter called the robin m1 robstep personal electric transporter.  If you happen to find any mini segways for sale cheap please make sure you test them out before you make a purchase.  For more information on our Mini Segway style robin m1 visit our sites below.





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