Segway Transporters will Always have a Place No Matter What The Prices of Segways Cost

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Robin m1 Robstep Personal Electric Transporter

robin m1 robstep

Yellow and Red Robin m1 Robstep

Introducing the Robin m1 Robstep Personal Electric mini Segway style Transporter.  The mini Segway style Robin m1 Robstep weighs only 40 lbs,  and is small enough so that you could put 3 or 4 in the trunk of a small car if you wanted.  The robin m1 robstep will travel  12 – 20 miles on a single charge. ( depending on the weight of the rider and the Terrain in which they are travelling ) The mini segway style robin m1 robstep will reach speeds up to 10 mph before the safety system will gently and automatically slow you down to keep you from over speeding.

The robin just like segways for sale has sophisticated sensors and gyroscopes under the foot pedals that sense your balance, lean your weight forward and the robin goes forward, lean your weight backward and the robin m1 robstep will go backward or slow you down if you are going forward.


The robin M1 robstep is not made by Segway or affiliated with Segway in any way, shape or form.

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We know from personal experience the freedom the robin m1 gives you. We have robin m1 personal transporters and know first hand how Dependable, Tough & Durable the little mini Segway style robin m1’s are.  The robin m1 personal transporter also promotes one to get out and enjoy the outdoors and explore.  With the new freedom the robin m1 will give you,  you can more enjoy Hunting, Fishing,  Golfing, Car Shows,  Festivals ( enough said about festivals if you have ever been to one and got tired of walking around then the robin will be a game changer for you ) Getting out in general and just enjoying the outdoors without having to walk everywhere and be give out.

If you have ever been to a Zoo then you know walking around can be chore.  Up and Down, Up and Down, round this corner, down this hill and up the next.  The thought alone can give you out!  Try going to the Asheboro Zoo ( any Zoo ) or any outdoor event with the Little Robin M1 and see the difference it makes in your experience.  The mini Segway style Robin m1 personal transporter will make your experience sooo much more pleasurable and enjoyable.

The Robin M1 is not for Everybody,  the Robin m1 does have a learning curve.  If you have to have help getting up steps then the robin m1 is probably not a good option for you, as it does require you to be able to step up unassisted.  The Robin m1 is for people who can still get around pretty decent but may have difficulty in walking long distances without giving out or tiring.  

Is the Robin m1 hard to learn?  Absolutely not, most younger people learn it within literally a few minutes if not instantly, middle aged adults and older adults take a little more practice because they try to control the robin m1.  We have written a site explaining in detail what to expect and how to operate the robin without causing you or your property any damage.  Please read the site below as it will better help you to under stand the robin m1.

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Robin M1 Robstep Colors

Robin M1 Robstep

The Pink Robin m1 Robstep is a Special Order Robin



Truth About Segways

Segways are not Bad. Let me repeat that in another way. There are nothing wrong with Segways except the cost and Price of a Segway. ( Thats our personal stand ) The expensive segway prices are the new norm if they weren’t already, as now segways have officially become the Cadillac or Ferrarri of Personal Transporters.

It’s ok if you would rather have a Real Segway as apposed to having an alternative to the Segway Personal stand on scooter. There are most likely going to be some differences given the price difference, so It really comes down to your priorities. You can have the expensive supposedly top notch segway, or you can get and economical Segway alternative for half the cost of a Segway for sale, and get two alternative segways for what a real Segway personal transporter costs.

Segway alternatives are not ment to be a replacement for segways, but rather a good alternative to the cost or price of a new or used Segway for sale.  Our goal is to offer you a choice in your personal transportation needs.

People who insist on a Buying a Segway after finding out that there are alternatives to segways for sale are folks who really don’t care about price and figure you get what you pay for.    For the most part this is usually true, but our Segway alternatives have all the Certifications that even the most expensive Segway for sale has including FCC, CE-EMC and ROHS Certificates.

If you are going to buy a used Segway for sale at least take a look at it and do not order it off of the internet.  If you order a used Segway for sale off of the internet then you are at the perils of someone’s word who said it was ok.  Just because a used Segway looks good and the owner say it has been well kept doesn’t mean it will not need an expensive battery or some other Sophisticated part like gyroscopes or a motherboard shortly down the line.

Cheap Used Segways For Sale

Cheap Segways are hard to find.  If you find a cheap segways or used segway you are getting what you paid for.  A cheap segways may look good to the eye but may have internal issues that you are not aware of.

Cheap Segways usually have something wrong with them.  Segway do not sell cheap, so there are no such things a good cheap segways.  Were not saying all cheap used segways for sale are all bad, but what we are getting at is that you  do not know what a used segway or cheap segways  has been through with the previous owner or the previous owners kids.

Remember Cheap segways usually do not come with any kind of warranty, so when something goes wrong or malfunctions it will be your responsiblity to have the segway fixed at your cost.  To have someone work on a segway can become very expensive, especially if a motherboard, sensor or battery needs repair or replacement.  Worst case scenerio is  you end up spending as much on a cheap segways as you would have a new segway for sale.

If you find a cheap segways from overseas keep in mind that those cheap prices do not include the headache that comes with getting them cleared from customs.  Most cheap segways that come into the usa from other countries are shipped by what they call FOB.  That means they ship from their port to a port here in the usa by sea freight.  This shipping is usually free or very cheap.  Sounds like a good deal until you find out what you have to do to get them finally delivered.

When a supplier sends something by FOB it will arrive in a specific port here in the usa by boat, it is then your responsibility to arrange the shipment to you house or location.  This cost can reach into a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars as you have to make arrangements through a shipping company with the necessary paperwork to pick it up and make final delivery.  If you have ever tried to work with dhl on import shipments then you know it is a very difficult to make these arrangements.  If you haven’t then I wouldn’t try unless you are a skilled importer who knows all the legal jaragon that has to be done before the merchandice will pass customs.

So before you go and purchase a cheap segways style scooter from overseas make sure you are prepared to face customs and arrange delivery from a shipping company on your own.  This route is usually pain in the neck and you end up spending just as much for the cheap segways style scooter you want as if you ordered it from someone who has already made all the arrangements to have the item shipped directly to your door without any stress on your part.